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Building a Fortune 500 company from scratch was simple for Danny Potter. It only required hard work and brains. But discovering she has an identical twin sister and parents who are the cream of society is another matter. Raised in the mean streets of Chicago by her kidnapper's girlfriend, Danny doesn't do society or touchy-feely, but a killer is determined to eliminate both Danny and her sister and that's a language Danny understands. The assassin is in for a few nasty surprises from Danny's vast arsenal of unique weapons when they enter the playing field.

Austin McKean, a friend of the Townsend family, is suspicious of the newly discovered twin that his International Security firm stumbles upon by accident. Ex-military, Austin is all starch and vinegar and he couldn't have picked a more ill-suited woman to pique his interest if he'd tried. She has a murky past and enough secrets to rival Washington D.C. Intrigue swirls around them as they join forces to protect Danny and her sister while unveiling a mystery killer.

Master of Disguise:

A master spy, Count Aldric has eluded exposure for years until he discovers several men are after the woman he loves, all while Aldric is posing as a burnt-out butler. He's a true chameleon, and he uses that skill with ease to infiltrate the underbelly of the criminal world.

Tasked with protecting her twin sister's top-secret project, Deidre is surrounded by danger. She valiantly breaks out of the protective shield she has lived in since childhood and is rewarded with the gift of true love and courage.

Deidre is kidnapped. Aldric is unmasked, his secrets revealed, and time is running out...